Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Welcome to Bond With Your Baby! I am the author of Bond With Your Baby Before Birth, and I'm eager to hear about your experiences connecting with your unborn baby during your pregnancy.


Janine said...

I am pregnant and due in December. I am looking forward to checking this book out!

Janine said...

I experienced the presence of my baby before I even knew that I was pregnant. I didn't feel alone any more.

Jude said...

I had my baby 24 years ago but remember the communication well. Since I was 15 I always knew I would have a son named Danny, but didn't get pregnant until I was 31. It was unplanned but we were thrilled. I had dreams while pregnant and clearly saw his little face. I was terrified of childbirth but "miraculously" developed a benign pre-eclampsia which mystified my Dr. I felt my unborn child somehow sensed my terror and helped me out. Daniel Adam arrived 3 weeks early. My water broke but I had no pains. A C-section had been approved in advance, my Dr. had given me his home # and performed it even though he was not on call. It was an easy, joyful birth. The pain afterwards was manageable by drugs and my recovery was very quick. I have been told this is the 3rd time Danny has been my son.

Kim O'Neill said...

Dear Jude:

Thank you for sharing your story! I would like to speak with you about including it in my new book! Please email me at:

EFT Hypnosis Way2gobirthing said...

Hi Kim I had a miscarriage 33 years ago before I was married. I often wonder did that little soul subsequently incarnate in my first or second daughter. They are now 29 and 27.
I'm really also writing to say that I work with women to bond with their babies before they are born - what I love is the smile on their faces when they 'talk' or 'feel' they are communicating..Beautiful.
Nice to meet you today for the first time -
soon to be Nanu (grandmother)
Julie-Anne in Ireland
The neighbours here are called O'Neill!

PeggyP said...

I had 4 babies but I had quite a unique experience immediately after the birth of my second, within the first hour of December 25, 1993. Mary's birth was relatively quick but of course I couldn't hold her soon enough! Finally I got to hold her after she was cleaned up and checked out a bit. Most newborn babies' eyes are barely open, much less able to focus, but as I gazed at her, with her in my arms, her eyes became comfortably open, perfectly focused and very big. Her eyes were adult-like, and her energy was relaxed and comforting, but my eyes were locked onto hers and her stare was INTENSE. Everything else in the room faded away. I was altogether unfamiliar with channeling, telepathy, and all things metaphysical back then, so after I don't know how long, maybe only a minute, I became uncomfortable and looked away. How I regret that now! When I looked back, she was a baby again. Now that I know better, I wish I could have reveled in that communion & meditation with her, and accepted her message(s) and healing energy. Although she had boundless energy from the start which proved to be a challenge at times, she was a joy as a baby and watching her confident, old soul grow up as been such a wonderful experience.

EFT Hypnosis Way2gobirthing said...

Dear Kim
Here I am again! Just want to say that Reuben is now 4mths old. The first time I had a quiet moment to hold him to my breast I intentionally greeted him in spirit: a powerful surge of energy enveloped us both and lasted what seemed like ages. When I play with him now he looks at me but also long(ingly) above my head as if seeing my guides. I always ask who are you seeing today?! I'm so happy - the best in years, thanks to Reuben..a lovely soul.
kind wishes from a proud Nanu!
Julie-Anne in Ireland

Kim said...

When my son, now 15 years old, was still 2 years old, he communicated that he saw my aura. I was tucking him in on a matress in my mother's living room. He had a familiar dreamy look in his eyes and looked above my head. Then he said, "Mommy, why do you have a rainbow bubble above your head?" I knew he was seeing this subtle energy. He can still see auras if he puts his attention there.

teri said...

I am pregnant and due in October and would love to learn how to bond with my baby now. I have pre-ordred your book.

Pam Jones said...

25 years ago, I found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew who she was and who she was going to be. My abusive husband at that time informed me,"have this child and I will divorce you" guess you know what I did! I was in Canada with no friends or family. When I told my daughter Rhiannon that we were leaving this big house when she was four years old, she said "I would rather live in a small house with lots of love than a big house with none" She has an old soul and at 25 she has become a child therapist and through problems in my decisions and choices sometimes makes me think that she was my mother in a past life. We have such a wonderful bond and love that many mothers do not have. I can't wait to read Kims new book, we will be giving it to all her friends who are pregnant. I had a natural childbirth in England, this was something that I did not want to miss at all. Yes of course it hurt,but every pain was a path to seeing this being who I knew. I breastfed her while the cord was still attached and went home 6 hours later. Through troublesome times in my life, she is always there. I believe that she was my mother in a past life.
I have many friends with children whom they love but when you see a mum with that spiritual closeness, you just know.
I can't wait to read from this blog on how you mums are doing.

love and light. Pam xoxox

Kim O'Neill said...

The last three months have been a whirlwind launching Bond With Your Baby Before Birth! Kim, I love your story! Isn't it amazing how intuitive and spiritually in the know babies and children are? How old is your son now? My daughter is turning eight on Friday! She is such a big girl!

Kim O'Neill said...

Peggy: My son, Flynn, also had that wise, lazer-like gaze right after he was born, and I certainly wasn't expecting that! I mentioned it to my Mom and she chuckled, not believing me! But...I know what I saw!

Vicki said...

Loved, loved, LOVED your talk/book signing @ Bodhi Tree in LA! Thanks for my mini reading then also. Your book is wonderful! My daughter (in Dallas) and I both hear babies talk. It's so sweet when we get messages that the Mom can confirm details about. The bonding that occurs is unlike anything else in the process. What's most lovely is Mom "hearing" from baby and sharing it with us. Those babies recognize our voices after birth and give us such big smiles. Just precious. Thanks for writing this book. It's needed now.

Kim O'Neill said...

Vicki: Many thanks for your comments! Would you call me please at: 281-651-1599?

Eagle's Dream said...

Dear Kim,

I am a grieving mother who have just lost my baby at 5 weeks due to a
miscarriage. It has been a week since and I have not been able to
get over it.

I have another 2 year old daughter and I am very
passionate about children. I even cry over
abused or murdered kids whom I read about in the newspapers.

I have been seeking consolation and I came across your book "Bond With Your Baby" at a bookstore in Singapore. I bought the book and devoured your book in a day. I am
comforted by the idea that my child's soul lives on.
And your miscarried baby
returned to you from heaven. However, I miss my miscarried baby a lot and really hope to have it
back. I do not know the reason for my miscarriage but am hoping that
God can give me another chance to have the same baby again. Is it really possible that my baby can come back to my womb in my future
pregnancy? If this is my heart's desire and God can do the impossible,
can he grant me my prayer? How would I know for sure that it will be
the same baby that I have lost?

I am currently living in Singapore.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

Joy Loh

Kim O'Neill said...

Dear Joy:

Yes, I believe that miscarried babies often chose to come back to the same mother...just at a later date! I have been a professional channel for over 23 years, and many times, babies in spirit have told me that they were waiting patiently to return to a mother who was already pregnant with them, but miscarried. I miscarried my son, Flynn, and he returned to me a year later. And, just recently, he turned 10! I'm wishing you all the best blessings!

Eagle's Dream said...

Dear Kim,

Thank you for your much awaited reply. I truly appreciate your encouragement.
You have given me the strength to believe.

I am 39 and will try for a baby again come April.

Joy Loh

La Barby said...

HI kim just wanted to thank you for such of wonderfull book i recommende it to everybody i know. got your book when was 1m pregnant and stared it right way. The connection and bondingall of that its just great. Now my baby is 3m old and the feeling that we have that big connection it s the best thing in my life now. After 2 marriges few failed pregnancy now it seems like finally my life is going good nad its because of my baby and the conenction i debeloped thanks to your book.
XOXO. Gad Bless

Amber said...

I just stumbled upon this blog, but felt I was directed here to purchase your book which sounds wonderful.

I'm a firm believer in psychic bonding. Last December, I was pregnant and had the most vivid dream. In the dream, I was inside my womb (looked like a vibrant pink coral reef almost). I saw an embryo float toward me and then my husband went to grab it and it burst like a bubble. I startednto weep with my head down and a voice said "turn around". I looked behind me and there was this perfect baby boy sitting on a pink lotus flower and I KNEW that baby was meant to be.

One week later, I miscarried at 5 weeks. I felt so devastated and meditated on the loss. At that time, a little voice came to me and said "that baby was my sister and her energy isn't ready yet, so I'm going to come first... I'm your son.". This voice also told me I would be pregnant again by my birthday.

Sure enough, right around my birthday, I found out I was pregnant again. Now, I know it is with a little boy. He speaks to me regularly (even told me what he wants to be named) and I feel such a connection ton his beautiful soul even though he is not born yet. He will be here October 30, God willing.