Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you for your comments, Colleen! They are truly appreciated! I'm thrilled to hear about your experiences, as well! Would you consider writing a testimonial for me to use on the back of my book for its second printing? I just received one from Dr. Christiane you'd be in good company...!




epath4u said...

Dear Kim,
Yes, I would be honored to write a testimonial for you to use on the back of your book! I have the writing skills. It also helps that I am so enthusiastic about this subject. It would just thrill my soul! Dr. Christiane Northrup is great company and I am quite familiar with her work.

When would you like me to write it?

I am out of a,(neonatal/travel nurse),job right now and I have the time. My email is or


Colleen Arcury

Marjorie said...

I wanted to share that I have had two dreams of my children. One daughter who is already here and my son who will be here in a few years. As for my, daughter, I dreamed about her prior to reading Kim's book and 5 months prior to her conception. I told my OBGYN at the very 1st Drs. appt. that I was having a girl. They doubted me, but believe me my son will be here. I knew exactly what she looked like and the scenario of my life in the future. My daughter also picked her name; of which her name runs in the family. My son is not here yet. But somehow my daughter, son and I are always at Disney World.
Marjorie Pither, Gainesville FL